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Rates and Pricing

Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten:  $175.00 (6 Weeks)
Middle School/Good Manners I:  $175.00 (6 Weeks)
High School:  $175.000 (6 Weeks)
Reactive Rover:  $200.00 (6 Weeks)
Come Here! Yes, I Mean Now:  150.00 (4 weeks)
Tips and Tricks for Every Dog in Today's World:  150.00 (4 weeks)

Classes at Central Vermont Humane Society run for 5 weeks.  Puppy K, Good Manners I and II are 130.00 and Reactive Rover is &175.00  
Individual Consultations (In person or virtual)

Initial Consultation:  $150.00 per hour
Follow up Consultations $100.00 per hour
Puppy Consultations:  125.00 per hour
In-House Training at The Crate Escape
(register through The Crate Escape)

On-The-Fly Sessions:  $15.00/15 Minutes - Can request up to 4 per day

In-House Training Package:  $250.00

Includes up to 30 min initial consults, ten 15 minute training sessions and final in person owner transfer session.

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